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Do you feel sad because of all those words and sentences you have to study? Use these tips and you'll feel J again!!
The tips top ten!

  1. Study every day! This may sound too much for you, but a foreign language needs time to be studied.
  2. It's better to study for 30 minutes twice than studying for an hour without taking a break. When you take a break, you can literary step away from all the words and return and make a fresh start. After studying too long without a break you'll get tired and won't absorb the words anymore.
  3. Let somebody test you. This can be your classmate, your parent, your friend.
  4. Write the words down. When you only read the words out loud or memorise them in your head, you know how to say them, but you might not know how to write them.
  5. Categorise your words. Divide the words in to categories to make it easier for yourself. For instance group 1:Food. Group 2: Verbs.
  6. Dialogues. Practice with a friend to use the words you've learned in a dialogue.
  7. Divide up your workload. Instead of 4 chapters or units at once, make it 8 short ones.
  8. Reward yourself. Make an appointment with yourself, for instance: when I can memorise 25 words, I can have an extra cookie.
  9. Start as soon as the teacher gives you the homework. Don't be lazy and postpone it but start immediately.
  10. Make a planning for yourself. Are you going to make your homework first or are you going to study first?


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